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The Kingsway District


The Kingsway Development Corporation was created out of the necessity to cease the rapid decline of American neighborhoods and restore them to their potential of vibrancy and communal splendor.  Founded by merchants that live and work in the targeted area, and guided by experienced developers, KDC will take on the mission of raising capital, technical expertise, training and information to develop thriving business communities that spur economic development,  affordable housing and safe neighborhoods.

Working with investors, community development corporations, the philanthropic community, and dedicated residents, KDC will  take on the challenge of rebuilding communities from the grassroots to the boardroom. Through a comprehensive Building Sustainable Communities approach to neighborhood revitalization, KDC and it's partners are committed to turning abandonment into opportunity.

KDC is a St. Louis based organization within the Kingsway Merchants District of the 18th Ward. KDC exists as a necessary community development intermediary, combining corporate, government, and philanthropic resources to help community-based organizations revitalize their neighborhoods.


KDC prevails as an integral part of helping community-led, community-benefiting development strategies transform distressed communities and neighborhoods into healthy ones – good places to live, do business, work, and raise families.  

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