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Residential housing development


The Kingsway District is adjacent to the historic Central West End and less than five miles (15 mins) from the downtown St. Louis and the forthcoming new NGA site. Kingsway is connected with an urban street grid, bus services, nearby MetroLink, bicycle network, and a mix of uses and destinations. A multitude of amenities, health services and entertainment venues already exist in the area, and additional amenities are envisioned as part of multiple planned projects. A large number of higher education institutions and technology related businesses are located within the district as well, offering a unique opportunity for collaboration and education and retention of home owners. 

A Transformation Plan is now underway to create opportunities for people to access better housing, education, health and economic development. The City of St. Louis providing technical advice and expertise from federal interagency teams for City and Regional planning with the goal of creating jobs and opportunities for communities to regain economic stability. In addition, St. Louis was named as one of eight federal “Promise Zones,” creating an opportunity to address poverty for the next 10 years with technical assistance, federal staff support and preferential access to federal funding.

Our approach has been designed  to (1) maximize the  utilization of the current state of the existing housing stock and circumstances (2) maximize the assets available to the neighborhood in a way that gets them committed quickly without waiting years for a single developer to come forward with a master plan to wipe the area clean and rebuild and (3) build on the natural proximity of what has happened in the Central West End Area by demonstrating that a lot of the housing stock in this interior Lewis Place Neighborhood is similar and quite interesting.

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