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Elevation Workspace is planned to house and incubate existing and emerging entrepreneurs with the goal of empowering under-served communities. It is the catalyst component of the Kingsway Development plan - an ambitious redevelopment initiative created to dismantle what separates urban communities by education and economics. Elevation represents the first brick-and-mortar project planned by Kingsway Development; the recognized development entity for the area bounded by Taylor Avenue on the east; Kingshighway on the west; Delmar Blvd on the south; and Page Avenue on the north.  This redevelopment area presents a unique opportunity to expand the commercial retail boundaries of the Central West End and build on the surrounding historic residential communities including Fountain Park and Lewis Place. 

Elevation will provide an intellectually stimulating environment that will fuel the minds of both start-up entrepreneurs and experienced professionals seeking an innovative new work environment. Located in the heart of the Kingsway District, Elevation Business Center will serve as a beacon for business development by featuring an array of educational, motivational and technological tools crucial to the reinvestment in underserved communities.


One of the core strategies of Elevation Workspace is to provide in-house business coaching along with strategic marketing and planning in an effort to educate and empower emergent entrepreneurs whose services stand to impact under-served communities. In this way, Elevation hopes to serve as a beacon for business development by providing community-specific tools crucial to reinvestment in North St. Louis and beyond.


In order to provide encouragement and inspiration to the co-working members, Elevation will actively encourage the coupling of successful entrepreneurs with start-ups that may provide basic services at a more affordable price than hiring new employees. Co-working members will benefit by having immediate access to experienced professionals fully prepared to share both their space and resources.   The approximately 15,000 square feet first floor will feature ergonomic furniture and a joyful display of ambient mood-changing LED lighting. Whereas most office spaces are replete with sterile boring beige walls and emotionally neutral artwork remainders from an industrial past; Elevation is being designed to actively create a more stimulating environment with every turn in order to lend an energetic visual experience to both members  and visitors alike. 

For more information visit the Elevation website at or hit the "more" button below.

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